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Alrhipvm TV Wall Mount Brackets Low Profile Fixed for 14-43 Inch LED, LCD TVs Flat Screen Up to 55lbs, Universal TV Monitor Mount Fits 8" Wood Studs VESA 200x200mm

Multi-Compatible TV/Monitor Wall Mount - This one-size-fits-many solution caters to an extensive array of 14 to 43-inch flat-screen and subtly curved TVs utilizing LCD, LED, or OLED screens, supporting weights up to 55 pounds. With a flexible design that aligns with multiple VESA mounting hole configurations - from 200x200mm down to 75x75mm - it's the go-to option for mounting your television or monitor securely. Our sturdy fixed TV mount boasts compatibility across major brand in television market.. Streamlined & Stylish Mounting Solution - The low-profile design of this flat screen TV wall mount maintains a minimal distance of merely 0.9 inches between the TV and wall, imparting a contemporary finished appearance. Its innovative design includes an open-wall plate, which accommodates additional cable management and leaves room for a socket behind the mounted TV. Suitable for mounting on a single wooden stud, it delivers a tidy, perfectly centered installation, making it ideal for bedrooms, home offices, modern kitchen spaces, among other settings.. Relentless Durability & Unwavering Safety - Engineered using top-notch steel substances and fortified with a robust powder coating, this TV wall mount deploys leading welding methods to deliver unprecedented stability and safety, easily accommodating TVs weighing up to 55 lbs (25 kg) with its substantial TV panel support, proven through tests showing its capability to withstand 1.5 times its weight rating. The dependable safety screws lock your television solidly, and the optimized double-hook fastening mechanism effectively guards against accidental slipping.. Efficient 15-Minute TV Bracket Assembly - Every aspect of the setup process is meticulous, allowing for a free-flowing and adaptable installation experience. The straightforward and user-friendly design simplifies the TV mounting procedure, making it easy to execute. We've included all necessary mounting hardware and detailed instructions, so grab your tools and get ready for an effortless install! You have the option to secure your TV onto an 8-inch wood stud or attach it using two robust bolts on a single stud, but do ensure to avoid mounting solely on drywall.. Elevate Your Viewing Experience - Transform your space with this TV wall mount designed for monitors, freeing up valuable desk area and promoting an ergonomic installation of your computer screen to enhance posture. This mounting bracket ensures you have the prime viewing spot in the room and allows for precise adjustment of your TV angle. Crafted to last, it comes backed by dependable after-sales service, a limited lifetime replacement commitment, and complimentary technical support. Don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime should you have any questions or concerns..

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