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Aspotify + Starlink Pole Mount

Applicable Scenarios: This Starlink pole mount bracket is designed specifically for the Starlink V2. The Starlink mounting kit is suitable for the sides of various objects with metal surfaces such as RVs/campers/SUVs/containers.. Strong Magnetic Design: The Starlink mounting kit features a strong magnetic design that easily connects to the side of your RV. Starlink mounting kit also has a rubber coating to protect sensitive metal surfaces from scratches.. High-Quality Material: The Starlink magnetic wall mount is made of high-quality stainless steel, which is both sturdy and lightweight. The installation process is quick and easy, ensuring stability and reliability. Our Starlink roof mount is built to withstand the test of time, no matter when or where you use it.. Portable Design: Our Starlink mounting kit is designed for portability. It can be extended up to 7 feet in height and conveniently collapsed to just 2 feet in length, making it easy to carry. You can store the Starlink installation kit in any small space, such as your trunk, for easy access when needed.. Fast and Easy Installation: 4 sections of extension pipe are installed by threaded joint, which is more solid than snap-on installation. It can be assembled at any length as needed, which is flexible and convenient..

Price: $95.00

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