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Starlink Long Wall Mount, Beciety Starlink Mounting Kit, Adjustable Starlink Roof Mount Kit for Starlink Internet Kit Satellite, Starlink Pole Mount Compatible with V2 Starlink

Stainless Steel Material: The Starlink mounting kit is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and surpassing ordinary painted products in the market. Stainless steel not only prevents issues like peeling and rusting but is also particularly suitable for outdoor use, maintaining stability and durability even in harsh weather conditions.. Dual Protection: This Starlink mount has no additional adapters needed, just insert the pipe tightly and tighten the knob, installation is very simple. This dual protection completely eliminates the possibility of loosening due to pole aging, ensuring a safer and more stable operation of your Starlink device.. Applicable scenarios: The Adjustable Starlink wall mount can freely adjust the installation angle according to the actual situation. Whether you install it on the roof, eaves, or wall, the Starlink mounting kit can be installed easily. This design is very considerate because different usage scenarios require different installation angles.. Firm Installation: Starlink pole mount features a generous base, which is stable and has a strong load-bearing capacity, even in high winds. The generous base design makes the entire Starlink mount more sturdy, providing better safety.. Reliable Quality: If you have any questions about your purchase and use of the process, feel free to contact us, the professional customer service team will provide you with satisfactory solutions within 24 hours..

Price: $44.98

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