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CO-Z Sturdy Adjustable TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32 to 80 inch TVs, 110 lb Load Capacity, 600x400 Max VESA | Flatscreen TV Mount w Articulated Arms to Tilt and Swivel, Max Weight 110 lbs

UNIVERSAL & STURDY: Made of durable cold-rolled steel, this powerful CO-Z adjustable TV wall mount supports most 32-80 inch flatscreen TVs up to 110 pounds and will provide you years of service. SPACE SAVING: This low-profile TV wall mount can nest as close as 2.8" from your wall to save you valuable room but pulls out more than a foot (14.8") when and where you need it. FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Engineered for maximum flexibility, this versatile TV wall mount swivels with a full 180° range of motion from side to side and tilts up or down up to 15° to give you the perfect view anywhere in the room. EASY TO INSTALL: This TV mount arrives fully assembled. All you need to do is just follow the user-friendly instruction manual to attach it securely first to a sturdy brick or concrete wall or to 12", 16" wood studs and then to a TV with a compatible VESA arrangement (see below for full compatibility list). SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE: Your swiveling TV wall mount is backed up by our usual strong warranty and friendly 24/7 customer service to help ease its installation and any troubleshooting process.

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