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CondoMounts MSK9010 Steel Stud TV Mounting Kit | TV Mount Metal Studs | Holds 200lbs on Steel Stud | Includes 4 Elephant Anchor (1 4) and Washer Set with 1-Pilot Head Titanium Drill Bit

Everything In One Kit- Eliminate the need for multiple purchases. Our metal stud TV mount kit includes all you need: anchors, screws, washers, and even a drill bit.. Secure TV Mounting - Leverage our exclusive Elephant Anchors for a solid hold in metal stud walls. Protect your TV with the most trusted anchors in the market.. Compatible With All Drills - No need for a specific tool! Our pilot-head titanium drill bit fits all drill types, giving you an effortless drilling experience even into the toughest metal studs.. Quick & Easy Installation - Don't waste time on complicated setups. With our kit, you'll have your TV mounted in no time, thanks to our easy-to-use components and clear instructions.. Exceptional Value for Money - Why buy separate parts when you can get everything in one kit? Save time, energy, and money with our comprehensive TV mounting solution on metal stud walls.. Unmatched Durability - Crafted from high-quality materials, our kit ensures long-lasting performance. Experience the reliability of our titanium-coated drill bit and carbon steel screws.. Premium Quality Materials - Our kit boasts a titanium-coated drill bit and carbon steel screws for superior durability and performance. Trust in our quality materials for a secure mount..

Price: $18.74

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