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SS304 Antenna Wall Mount 16 Inch Tall Heavy-Duty Stand Off Wall Mast Mount Windproof Antenna Mounting Bracket

Spotlight Feature: Life-long service life, the complete sets are made of 304 stainless steel including braces,U bolts,Jaws,bolts ,washers,nails and every part.It gives no chance for rust and corrosion for a real life long service.. Real Heavy-duty: 3mm sturdy 304 braces with 520Mpa tensile strength, strong enough to bear heavy antenna masts or heavy load installations in different weather and environment conditions.. 3 Legs Pair: Both 3 -leg pair improves the upload strength for additional heavy loads.. If you need to mount a large mast and antenna, this is the bracket you want to get. It's seriously heavy duty and will last forever. This wall mount could support a long mast with a large antenna on top.. The Antenna Wall Mount is easy to install. Setup is pretty easy for wood siding with lag bolts. It also comes with expansion bolts for concrete. And note that the 3-legged one at the bottom.. Kit includes: 1 pair (3-leg + 3-leg mount braces), including U-Bolt ,V-Block Brackets ,expansion bolts and lag bolts for reliable mount..

Price: $52.90

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