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Cygolite Saddle Rail Mount - for Cygolite Hypershot and Hotshot Series Tail Lights – Installs Under Bicycle Saddle, Less Cluttered Look – Compact and Durable - Fits Most Bicycle Saddles, Black

Mount your Cygolite bicycle tail light under the bicycle seat for a low profile and clean appearance.. Compatible with Cygolite Hypershot and Hotshot series bicycle tail lights, and can also be configured to be used with GoPro compatible interfaces.. Two-screw clamp design makes it easy to install while staying extra secure on the bicycle in rough terrain. The attached tail light secures into place without removing the mount from the saddle rails.. Designed for versatile saddle compatibility, the mount clamps to most two-rail bicycle saddles.. Made from premium plastic for strong durability, and less prone to scratching bikes compared to metal mounts. Only weighs 23 grams.. Includes saddle/seat rail mount and its parts. Bicycle, saddle, tail light, camera, and other parts are not included and are shown for reference only.. Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA. Founded in 1991, Cygolite is the proven bicycle light expert with exclusive designs and innovations crafted into quality products that are on the leading edge of safety..

Price: $10.95

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