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ECHOGEAR Heavy Duty TV Wall Mount Bracket for TVs Up to 90" - Low Profile Design Holds TV Only 2.25" from Wall - Fast Install with Template and Level After Mounting - Pull Strings for Cable Access

SLIM DESIGN: Get your big TV on the wall with this low profile bracket. This puppy supports screens up to 90" and has pull strings to make accessing cables behind your TV easier than ever. Now get back to your Nic Cage film marathon.. FAST INSTALL: 3-step install is done in less than 20 minutes. We even threw in a slick wall template that shows you exactly where to drill. After install your TV clicks into place for safety that is surprisingly satisfying.. EASY LEVELING: Level the screen after you're done installing. Sub-par geometry skills won't take you down this time! Adjusts +-5ยบ to make crooked TVs a thing of the past.. HORIZONTAL ADJUSTMENTS: Put your large TV exactly where you want it. Slide the bracket left or right on the wall plate to center it perfectly. Now you'll get the best view of John Wick's incredible hand-eye coordination.. UNIVERSAL MOUNTING: Designed and safety-tested right here in 'Merica. A comprehensive hardware pack ensures compatibility. Works with all major TV brands like TCL, Samsung, Vizio, & more..

Price: $29.99

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