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ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Mount and in Wall TV Cable Hider Bundle - Mount TVs Up to 70" and Conceal The Wires Behind The Wall

Eliminate annoying screen glare with up to 15º of effortless tilt. No tools required.. The low-profile design securely holds your TV only 2.5" from the wall, while still giving you easy access to cables.. Hide your cables behind the wall with this DIY cable pass-through kit. Just add a drill and you've got everything you need for a quick 20-minute install. You'll only need to skip 1 episode of The Office.. Perfect for hiding HDMI, Aux, and other low-voltage cables. Also works for in-wall rated power cables. Just make sure your dog hasn't been chewing on them first.. Flexible pass through grommets can comfortably fit 4 large HDMI cables. There's plenty of room for even your thickest cords..

Price: $55.99

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