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ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount and Universal Soundbar Wall Mount - Low Profile Design

Eliminate annoying screen glare with up to 15 degrees of effortless tilt. No tools required.. The low-profile design securely holds your TV only 2.5" from the wall, while still giving you easy access to cables.. DIY in no time. Our easy to follow instructions and simple 3-step install process makes mounting your TV on 16" or 24" wood studs a breeze.. Mount your soundbar to the wall with this universal bracket. Low profile design holds up to 20 lbs securely to the wall without blocking your speaker.. Soundbar works with Dolby Atmos soundbars thanks to the 6.6" of depth adjustments that prevent your TV from blocking the up-firing sound. Now throw on Godzilla vs. Kong and crank up the volume!.

Price: $56.99

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