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ECHOGEAR Tilting TV Wall Mount for Up to 86" TVs and in-Wall Cable Management Kit - Great for Mounting Above Fireplace

Get the maximum amount of tilt no matter how big your TV is. Tilt 15 degrees to eliminate screen glare on any TV up to 86".. Mount extension means easy cable access. As a bonus, it swivels 10 degrees left and right, name another tilt mount that can do that.. LG TV? TCL? Vizio? Samsung? Not a problem. Our included hardware kit provides a wide assortment of spacers & screws to accommodate any brand of television up to 86”.. Pre-wired, power-ready system is ETL In-Wall Certified and will keep your house up to code. Comes with included drywall hole saw attachment for the perfect grommet fit. Locking bracket wings also hold onto your wall from behind for a secure install.. Cable pass-through has plenty of space for all your HDMI, Ethernet, and audio cables. It can comfortably fit 4 large braided HDMI cables, but it's flexible enough to handle additional cables..

Price: $107.99

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