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Steel Stud TV Mounting Kit for Tilt and Low Profile TV Mounts - Includes 4 Snaptoggle Anchors, Steel Drill Bit and TV Mounting Hardware

This kit's basically the "easy button" for mounting a TV to steel studs - it includes everything you'll need to make it happen.. You like us? We like Toggler. Included in this kit: 4 of their UL rated Snaptoggle anchors (1/4 x 20 x 1.75). No drill bit, no problem! It comes with this kit. You'll just need a drill with a ½” chuck to complete installation.. Includes 4 screws and washers to easily attach your TV mount to the Snaptoggles. Practice safe mounting: Facilitates secure installation to steel stud walls, common in apartments and commercial construction..

Price: $19.99

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